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Release: DKP Posted: Post 12:31 Sun - Jul 13, 2008

Heres some sort of preview of the plugin: Link

Needs mysql details in config-raid.php as well as dkp.php (in case you wanna use this). Assumes a table "dkp_user" in the database with the following columns:
user_id - varchar
dkp_current - int
dkp_last - int
dkp_spend - int

I'm sorry for
- writing newbie-ish php code
- probably interfering with other plugins, see \plugins\tell\raid\index.php if theres any command you already use
- any bug thats still in the code
- merging non-raid features into a plugin directory called "raid"

Things you can do with the plugin
- standby/start/restart/quit the bot
- manage raid and dkp
- roll random, print statistics
- use /t bot help for a list of commands in a popup window. most commands can be executed by clicking on the link

players get inserted into the mysql database if:
- you use /t bot raid add [player], and the player is not in the database already
- you use /t bot raid dkpadd [player] [amount], and the player is not in the database already

players that are not already in the database CAN NOT:
- use /t bot raid dkpget
- use /t bot raid bid

- fixed item costs
- player with highest dkp will win, if there is players with the same dkp, alphabetical order will decide (this should probably be fixed, e.g. roll random)
- /t bot raid bidstart [item cost] starts bidding mode, no bid possible unless bidding is started
- amount can be omitted if you specified it at least once
- once /t bot raid bidstop is called, the bot determines the winner, substracts his dkp in the database, adds item cost to the dkp_spend column and prints result

- you can add/remove dkp via /t bot raid dkp[add|del] [player] [amount]
- when the raid is closed, all players gain dkp based on the time they were in the raid
- when a player is removed from the raid, he gains dkp based on the time he stayed in the raid
- dkp gain is 2 dkp / min, can be changed in config-raid.php

- dkp_current will always show your actual current dkp
- dkp_last will show the dkp you gained during the last raid
- dkp_spend will show the total amount of dkp you spend for items

Some notes:
- the bot must be online for most commands. use /startup to bring the bot online. in the current configuration the bot will go standby again after 60mins of idle time
- a raid must be started before you can add players to it
- a raid must be started before you can start bidding
- bidding must be started before you can bid

this is a simple php file fetching the dkp values from the database and putting them into a website/html table. you can easily include this file on your website and theme it via css (classes would be dkptable, dkpth, dkptd, dkptr).

- somehow automate adding people to the raid (maybe via playfield & guild/buddylist)
- add /raid bidcancel (completely forgot about this one for some reason oO)
- fix remaining bugs (please report)

/split, /sticked Chaly
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Posted: Post 01:59 Mon - Sep 22, 2008

great plugin...well I guess cuz so far I couldnt really use it. I was running the bot as usual and after an hour he went to standby I guess...thats when I came back from work and all commands I used from this plugin resulted in "sorry Im currently in standby" tells from him. trying to use !restart gave me the message that he will restart but actually he just quit completely and doesnt start again.

ok I tested some more.

!startup works but only for a few seconds than he tells me like idle for minutes (he actually doesnt give a number) going to idle...
using !ask results in him telling me he has been connected for 28329652056.27 mins even though he just started a few seconds ago.
I have not modified anything but the mysql data in the plugin

after deleting the index.php from autostandby I can finally make him start and stay online...but telling him help doesnt do anything at all so I cant get a list of commands...
I hope youre still working on this ^^

i figured out the command to start a raid which is /t bot raid start which worked
I added myself to the list by doing /t bot raid add Truemod

the output was Truemod added truemod (no captitol letter?) to the raid. after that he didnt do anything anymore...cuz he quit completely...had to go back to desktop and run him again
could it be that the mysql data I entered was wrong? how does it need to be written?

i used (thats how i use in my ftp program) or does your code require http//www...?
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