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Twinklist Posted: Post 07:57 Sat - Feb 28, 2009

The bot is not showing the names of the Main-Characters when typing "!twinklist" anymore. Instead it only shows some square boxes next to each other.
Do u have any advice, how to fix this? Or alternativly, how to delete the complete twinklist to start a new one again?
Thx for your help...

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Posted: Post 07:43 Sun - Mar 01, 2009

1. backup your ragebot folder

in your ragebot's directory there is a subdir "data/mainchars". i suggest
a) rename the subdir data/mainchars to data/mainchars-backup and
b) create a new, empty directory data/mainchars

this cleaned up the ragebot twinklist. if "!twink add" and "!twinklist" is working again, your twinklist entries were messed up and you could try to rescue most of your old data:
c) go to your folder data/mainchars-backup
d) sort the contents of this folder by modification date
e) copy the older files from data/mainchars-backup to data/mainchars

if you can figure out which file messed up your !twinklist you may want to post its content here, so we can add a fix to ragebot to avoid this issue.

if this doesn't work for you, the next question is: did you modify the ragebot standard plugins? the three directories (and their contents) needed for !twinklist are located in
- data/mainchars (if running on linux check if it is writeable)
- plugins/5000ms/guildbuddies (this is the loading/saving part)
- plugins/guild/guildtwinks (including the commands like !twinklist)
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