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Cheapest and Fastest MCOC Units Store Verfasst am: Beitrag 04:22 Do - Aug 02, 2018

MCOC Units For Sale In the last few weeks something fishy has been going on with Marvel Contest of Champions. You might recall that they had some serious player backlash after a sweeping series of balance changes last spring but this time Kabam is in trouble with their player base for a very different reason: player fraud.

Several high-ranking players in the game had been logged out for about a week which is unusual in a multiplayer mobile game like MCOC. It became known throughout the player base that those high-ranked players were on a 7-day ban from developer Kabam. The official reasoning behind the bans were for “account sharing” which is against the game’s terms and conditions for play. Meanwhile the players banned have reported that they were purchasing “Discount Units” prior to the ban. Which involved credit card scamming to get units at a steep discount possibly through the use of a third party.

A discussion of the topic was started on the official MCOC forum but has since been torn down. At about the same time the official forum post went up so did a thread on the MCOC sub-reddit.Buy MCOC Units These players are already the big-spending whales of the game. So of course Buy Marvel Contest of Champions Units handing out a steep sentence or long-term ban would be a huge financial risk for Kabam. Assuming Kabam is aware of what exactly was taking place with those accounts.
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