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Evertale is a Pokémon-like experience set in a fantasy world Verfasst am: Beitrag 06:58 Mo - Apr 08, 2019

Evertale has been developed by ZigZaGame, one of the teams that have tried the most to release the closest game to Pokemon possible. In Evertale, players will take control of an adventurer who is seeking to save the land of Erden from a terrible threat called Pandemonium. Alongside the main campaign, players will also be able to take part in a variety of other activities, such as real-time PvP. Guilds will also be in, which will bring players together during the adventure.

Catching monsters works almost exactly the same way it does in Pokémon. You’ll run around thick grass, waiting to start an encounter. A turn-based battle will ensue and, as soon as you’ve worn down the monster enough, you can try to catch it.Succeed and you can add the new monster to your party immediately. You can then battle alongside the monster to level it up, eventually evolving it when it becomes powerful enough.

The wizard, meanwhile, floats slowly earthward after each leap, and his fire spell is strong, if less effective against enemies that are very close. The idea is that you switch between the three regularly. But enemies will often close the gap in the time you've taken to change, ensuring they get an attack in. There's no way to block attacks - just jump and retreat. Besides, with the ability to upgrade your characters, you can equip them with new and more powerful weapons that render other characters moot. Buy Cheap Evertale Soul Stones from Mmocs.com gain a 3% discount by using the code “MMOCSVIP”.

Each of the game's six worlds are split in to two stages, ended firstly by a mini-boss and then a gigantic boss creature that often fills the screen. So far, so good you'd be saying, but the lead-up to each of these fights is quite bland as each of the three characters you can control blunder their way through simple suicidal enemies and elementary obstacles such as moving platforms and the occasional falling object.

Your job is basically saving the world from chaos and you are the only one as the Crestbearer that can save the world. Catch hundreds of monster that you can utilize in your party to battle other people that will hinder your quest. Catching the monster in the game works the same as any other Pokemon game.

Evertales has a good sense of humor to it; the narrator is very farcical and referential in his dialog, and all the characters play as comically exaggerated versions of fantasy archetypes. Plus, the hearts are actual hearts, which is a touch that symbolizes the mood of the whole game. A5 device owners will notice the game takes advantage of the powerful hardware with faster frame rates, normal mapping, and bloom lighting! In fact, the bloom lighting on the iPad 2 was turned up to 11. Everything is so blooming blooming! It's a bit much, but I paid good money for this iPad 2. I want everything to have bloom lighting!
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