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Posted: Post 08:02 Wed - Jun 01, 2011

bebot forum says

This is not really a php error. It happens when the server disconnects you.
I will see if I can do a bit better errorhandling in the login module so it gives some sane errors lachen


well i have no idea why it disconnects....
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знако& Posted: Post 03:01 Fri - Jun 03, 2011

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Posted: Post 01:48 Tue - Sep 27, 2011


i downloaded the latest version of ragebot and installed it on our server.
Now, when i run "runwin32.cmd" i get the following php-warining in the command-window:
PHP Warning:  dl(): Dynamically loaded extensions aren't enabled in D:\AoCragebot\bot.php on line 7
Restarting bot (no delay ..)

On line 7 is: "require_once("config.php");" which is in the folder.
I'm not really into php, so help would be highly appreciated lachen

edit: ok, fixed it. sockets weren't enabled kopf gegen wand

edit2: ok, now i ran into another problem:
Now i always get the: "Here is the error : Authenticate Read error: EOF Error while reading rpc header. () " error.
found the thread regarding the problem but last posting is from 2010 so, i figured i write here...
I tried to do what's mentioned in the other thread, but i can't find the following line:

AOChat.php : line 855
From : $territoryInitPacket = new RPCPacket("out", RPC_TERRITORY_INIT, array($this->accountid, $this->serverseed ) );
To : $territoryInitPacket = new RPCPacket("out", RPC_TERRITORY_INIT, array($this->accountid, $this->serverseed, 1 ) );

found the other 2 lines, but that one just isn't there.

edit3: ok, die gesuchte Zeile war in ner anderen Datei.
bekomme aber immer noch dieselbe Fehlermeldung slash
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Blue-Ribbon Chicken 
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Years registered: * Posted: Post 12:28 Thu - Aug 01, 2019

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