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Basic install guide Posted: Post 01:14 Tue - Jul 15, 2008

Basic install guide for ragebot 0.8+
This is just a very basic guide. I don't think that you must have heard of PHP before, but you should at least don't be afraid of using windows notepad or a command prompt. I hope that this windows guide is also a good start for linux users as installation of php should be obsolete zwinkern

Hint: ragebot doesn't care about its location on your hdd. agood start should be a short foldername like c:\myrage

Step1 : Install
- open your explorer, create a fresh new folder.. let's say c:\myrage
- download the latest version and extract its contents to c:\myrage
- download the latest version of php here
- install PHP, you must select the extension "socket" (if "socket" is missing, you'll get a php_socket.dll error when starting ragebot)

Step2 : Basic Setup
- open your explorer, navigate to your ragebot folder.. let's say c:\myrage
- open your config.php with your windows notepad. read the comments and edit the placeholders e.g. $config["user"] = "smiller";
- save & close config.php
- start your bot with runwin32.cmd located in your ragebot folder. a black, emtpy prompt window should open and stay open
- the bot will create a new file in his folder called "bot-dd-mm-yyy.log", open it with your notepad and check if there are any errors. there may be a bunch of warnings and notice - messages. this is not an error, see fine-tuning below zwinkern

if everything worked, your bot should be onilne now. just check if you run into any problems you may find an answer here (install FAQ)

Step3 : Fine-tuning
- PHP warning and notice messages (FAQ 5b)
You have full error reporting activated. Edit your php.ini (should be foundd in your php installation directory), search "error_reporting = E_ALL" and replace with "error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE". Edit the line NOT starting with a ;
- Plugin configuration
Maybe you already were snoopy enough.. otherwise you should open the config-plugins.php located in your ragebot directory with your notepad and read the comments.
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