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Hockey players sporting a toothless smile is as iconic as any image in all of sports. Fans find?their gummy grins?endearing and lovable JK Scott Jersey , and players flaunt?their smiles like a badge of honor. And you know what, it is.

Ice hockey has more characters, more chaos, passion, triumph, and tragedy than any sport. It literally takes all types,?EVERY single player, to make a team go. Swallow the cliche and you'll see it's often the 3rd or 4th liners that contribute in the clutch. The engine only hums when each part works in synchronicity. Though?first and fourth liners, top pairing?"D" and the 7th defenseman, and both goaltenders achieve different levels of attention and fame, they lose teeth just the same.

Every player?leaves their body and mind on the ice and sometimes they even leave body parts. For better and worse, hockey players play through cuts, broken bones, blood, and pain. They do it for their teammates http://www.packersauthorizedshops.com/authentic-jaire-alexander-jersey , fans, and themselves in their drive to be champions.

The journey is long, grueling, and?things go wrong. Players are always vulnerable to intentional bone crushing hits on every play. They are also vulnerable to accidents,?where sticks, skates, elbows, knuckles, and pucks fly at them from every angle. Sometimes the lines blur but the results are cuts, black eyes, and lost?teeth.

These are some of the most everlasting photos of hockey players without their teeth. Some were stars, heroes, villains, grinders,?but they all share the infamous look of a hockey player. There aren't any Simon Cowell like smiles on the ice.

With Jaguars guard Andrew Norwell and Josh Jones Jersey , more recently, Cowboys guard Zack Martin cashing in, another established interior offensive lineman remains in line for a new deal of his own: Washington guard Brandon Scherff.

As explained by Kareem Copeland of the Washington Post, Scherff is the next guard to get paid big money. The only question is when.

Currently eligible for a second contract, Scherff will make $705,000 this year. His salary will spike to $12.5 million next year, the fifth-year option.

Washington presumably could get Scherff under contract more cheaply by doing it now, and it will undoubtedly get more expensive the longer the team waits. At some point, they could find themselves back in another year-to-year franchise-tag dance, like the one that just ended with quarterback Kirk Cousins leaving as a free agent.

It could make the most sense to pay him after 2018, but for a top-10 pick who has thrived through three seasons, it seems at least a little unfair to keep him south of seven figures for his fourth NFL season.
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