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The San Francisco 49ers Verfasst am: Beitrag 07:35 Mi - Nov 21, 2018

and New York Giants hold two of the top three spots in the 2019 NFL Draft order Nick Mullens 49ers Jersey , and their Week 10 Monday Night Football contest could tighten them up, or further cement the Giants at the top of the order.Heading into the weekend, the Giants hold the No. 1 pick with a 1-7 record, while the 49ers hold the No. 3 pick with a 2-7 record. However, the latest odds from Football Outsiders offer a slightly different view of things following the 49ers win last week over the Raiders.The 49ers entered last week with the best odds for the No. 1 pick, followed by the Oakland Raiders. Following the 49ers win over the Raiders, San Francisco dropped to fourth. The Raiders hold the top odds, followed by Arizona and Buffalo, and then the 49ers followed by the Giants. Here are the odds for top overall pick and then a top five pick.1. Oakland Raiders — 37.6% Quarterback Nick Mullens Jersey , 87.3%2. Arizona Cardinals — 15.3%, 70.5%3. Buffalo Bills — 12.7%, 69.1%4. San Francisco 49ers — 13.1%, 66.8%5. New York Giants — 12.8%, 57.2%I’m surprised they have the odds they do given their remaining schedule. The NFC East is wide open with some not particularly great teams, but the Giants are rather atrocious. They close out their schedule as follows:@ 49ersvs. Bucs@ Eaglesvs. Bears@ Washingtonvs. Titans@ Coltsvs. CowboysThe Giants will probably win at least one or two games in there, but would anybody be at all surprised if they lost out their remaining schedule? Yes, there could be some surprises, but they are truly an atrocious football team. Not quite Raiders bad Rookie Nick Mullens Jersey , but still bad. It feels like a top pick, or at least a top three pick is well within their reach.Golden Nuggets: 49ers Fall To 1-4 Well, this season has been all over the map, hasn't it? A victory that felt like a loss, a loss that felt like a victory, a blowout, a slim loss, and now, an ugly loss that saw the 49ers double their opponent in every major offensive statistical category (other than points scored) http://www.49erscheapstore.com/earl-mitchell-jersey-cheap , and they still lost.By all means, this wasn't a hideous game in the classical sense, but a sloppy performance in which the team lost the game for themselves. Please accept my apology for an abbreviated edition of the Nuggets, but I just don't have much to say about this team right now.Week 5 review | Hutchinson, KNBR | Wagoner, ESPN | Associated Press via ESPN | Madson, NinerswireWeek 5 analysis | Maiocco, NBC Sports Bay Area | Almquist, KNBR | Biderman http://www.49erscheapstore.com/laken-tomlinson-jersey-cheap , Sac Bee | Madson, Ninerswire49ers loss was historically bad | Thanawalla, NBC Sports Bay Area | Almquist, KNBRLoss to Cardinals highlighted by 5 turnovers | Maiocco, NBC Sports Bay Area | Maiocco (2), NBC Sports Bay Area | Biderman, Sac BeeWeek 5 injury round-up | Biderman, Sac Bee Antworten mit Zitat

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